Volume 9

On the cover: Tim “Zamora the Torture King” Cridland

James Taylor’s Shocked and Amazed! On & Off the Midway, Vol. 9

October 2007, 128 pages

  • James Taylor welcomes you to the show in CUTTIN’ UP JACKPOTS
  • Tim “Zamora the Torture King” Cridland makes a point of making you LOOK SHARP
  • You won’t believe you eyes. There has never been a show like this anywhere ever. You are really going to wish you were a fly on the sidewall of this tent. Make sure you remember to just GRIM AND BARE IT
  • Want to be a fakir but aren’t sure you have what it takes? The Master Therion is there to help you with this informational pamphlet. Read this and you are on your way to becoming a A TRUE FAKIR
  • Le Petomane, the famous French performer who blew air out of his anus to music. But did he really exist? You know what they say: HE WHO SMELT IT
  • A healing nostrum for the nerves? An elixir to promote life? An unguent to increase your, um, urges? What you really need is a dose of TONIC: CURES WHAT AILS YOU
  • Walt Hudson discusses the laws of attraction in CONEY ISLAND BABY
  • So, if you really run away and join the carnival, what happens? Karen Forsythe lets you inside to see if THE EYES HAVE IT
  • Some of the strangest acts, most unusual talent and exotic animals are here for your edification and entertainment at THE STRAND: THE FABULOUS CREATION
  • Minstrely was hateful and mean-spirited mockery of Southern Blacks. Or was it? John Strausbaugh digs a little deeper to examine what it means to be BLACK LIKE YOU
  • You’re ten years old and surrounded by vicious, man-eating lions. This could end very badly or you could become THE LION KING
  • Cat got your tongue? Bee in your bonnet? Need a barrel full of monkeys? Snake King was the man to fill your cage so you can stop RATTLING YOURS
  • Huber’s/Hubert’s. Any way you spell, it it never ceased to amaze people DIME AFTER DIME
  • Who is responsible for this thing? Lay blame here: FRAMING THE SHOW
  • Going out horizontal. It’s the only way a performer would go. James Taylor discusses the death of an act in THE BLOW OFF
  • Find some ways to drop your loot on the THE INDEPENDENT MIDWAY
  • Find out what the carnies are saying about you in LINGO
  • Mark Frierson cover art

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