Volume 7

James Taylor’s Shocked and Amazed! On & Off the Midway, Vol. 7

2003, 144 pages

  • Coney Island ain’t what it used to be. Can you name me one thing that is? James Taylor tells you to quit looking over your shoulder as he starts CUTTING UP JACKPOTS
  • Coney Island is a Mecca for sideshow performers. The best of the best have performed there and we interviewed darn near most of them! Feel free to eavesdrop on our CONEY ISLAND COVERSATIONS
  • DICK ZIGUN, el jefe, the big kahuna, the top banana, you know…the boss
  • SCOTT BAKER, Scotty the Geek delights and frights
  • THE BINDLESTIFF FAMILY CIRKUS’ Keith and Stephanie, multi-talented founders
  • JOHN BRADSHAW, attends the birth of Sideshows by the Seashore
  • SES CARNY, one of the new kids on the block(head)
  • COMBUSTIBLE KIVA, First and foremost, she’s a foxy fireplayer
  • EAK, The man with space all over his face
  • DIANE FALK, Female swordswallower who tested her metal
  • MAT FRASER, (English) Channels Sealo the Seal boy on the Coney Island stage
  • THE GREAT FREDINI, Swordswallower, burlesque-r, (computer) Geek
  • TYLER FYRE, Modern talker reveals the subtle art of turning the tip
  • FRANK HARTMAN, A self-deprecating sort, he simply calls himself: The Fire God
  • INSECTAVORA, Bug eating never looked so good
  • MILT LEVINE, A golden-voiced gent from the golden age of sideshow
  • LIZARDMAN, The Modified Man makes merry on the midway
  • JENNIFER MILLER, Would you mess with a woman who juggles machetes?
  • STU MILLER, Perpetrated pinhead pranks in the past
  • THE PAINPROOF RUBBER GIRLS, Ula and Sarka will wrap you around their fingers
  • SLIM PRICE, Remembers the sweet sideshow days of his youth
  • BOBBY REYNOLDS, Lets you decided if he is The Greatest Showman in the World
  • TODD ROBBINS, Lectures on electrictrified elephants and sideshow scholarship
  • SERPENTINA, Sexy siren of snakes
  • MIKE WILSON, left an indelible impression on Coney Island
  • Wily Walt Hudson takes a stiff Chinaman for a ride. We’re so proud of our CONEY ISLAND BABY
  • Marie Roberts learned a lot in the school of life; of course her uncle was THE PROFESSA
  • Carnal carnival curiosities of Biblical proportions are yours to behold at SODOM BY THE SEA
  • Edward Kelty had an affliction, and we are grateful he caught the SHUTTERBUG
  • For all list lovers and Coney Island completists, we are proud to present MONDO CONEY
  • This way to the egress! Just head out through the BLOW OFF
  • Do your part to support the economy! Empty your pockets on the INDEPENDENT MIDWAY
  • We list all those guilty of contributing to our delinquency in FRAMING THE SHOW
  • We can help you learn to talk the talk, but you’ll have to master walking the walk yourself. Be grateful we gave you half the solution in LINGO

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1 Response to Volume 7

  1. richard perales says:

    i remember my days working with Stu and Sara on their magic show….he was an encyclopedia of show lore and one just had to like his constant wisecracking both on and off the stage. he took a minor shine to me , why i’ll never know but i’m glad he did. Jack Jackson introduced me to the good prof. on the lot of Great American circus while i was clowning and stiltwalking on that show. when Stu picked me up on his route thru louisiana i had the time of my life. a great guy, master showmen and one of the last throwbacks to trooping as it was in the golden era!

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