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Shocked and Amazed!

Read what the critics are saying!

So, your lemming mentality demands you read what the FAMOUS people are saying about SHOCKED AND AMAZED!? Go on then! Gorge your eyes on this feast of fawning megastars.

“Great fucking mag!”
Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller

“I can only read SHOCKED AND AMAZED! with awe and admiration!”
Homer Flynn for The Residents

“James Taylor is one of the foremost authorities on sideshows alive today and thankfully he’s sharing that knowledge with the rest of us.”
Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow

“James Taylor knows more than anybody else about sideshows.”
Lynn Dougherty, Producer of “Sideshow: Alive on the Inside”

“Attention PC Police: You missed one in Baltimore.”
Mike Ollove, Baltimore Sun

“Ladies and gentlemen, never have you met a man like the one exhibited here.”
Dale Keiger, Johns Hopkins Magazine

“This is one of the true treasure of the zine age.”
Seth Friedman, Factsheet Five

“This is not James Taylor the warbler–this one knows what he is doing.”
Chris Pfouts, International Tattoo Art

“The colorful banner on the cover . . . lures the reader inside and makes them feel as if this show is supposed to be fun.”
Tricia Vita, Small Press

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(Baltimore City Paper, 1/30/02)

Chronicling More Human Oddities
James Taylor, author of ‘Shocked and Amazed!’ wants people to take their curiosity of the strange and bizarre a little more seriously.
(Baltimore Sun, 1/25/02)

What’s Weird Here?
Step into the bizarre world of the carnival sideshow, where James Taylor is right at home. “People will look,” he says, “We’re very curious monkeys.”
(Johns Hopkins Magazine, April 1998)

Come One, Come All… to the Freaky World of James Taylor
(Ant Magazine, Summer 95)

International Tattoo Art
(March, 1996)

Factsheet Five Editor’s Choice
(Factsheet Five #58, Fall 1995)

Swallowing Swords and Other Odd Acts
(Baltimore Sun, July 1995)

Baltimore City Paper

White Tops Circus Magazine
(Sept/Oct 95)

Local author’s work will leave you Shocked and Amazed
(North East Relaxer, July 1995)