Volume 6

On the cover: Percilla “The Monkey Girl” Bejano

James Taylor’s Shocked and Amazed! On & Off the Midway, Vol. 6

January 2002, 128 pages

  • Our Founder muses on museums and sideshow sadness. Belly up to the bar and cock an ear because any minute now he’s going to begin CUTTING UP JACKPOTS
  • Percilla “The Monkey Girl” Bejano had her share of ups and down but she was never above getting into a little MONKEY BUSINESS
  • Walt Hudson will never grow up. He’ll always remain our very own CONEY ISLAND BABY
  • Have I got a tall tale for you. Dr. Charles Humberd had a giant obsession and spent a lifetime researching it. Now it’s time to peek into the medical files of the FREAK DOCTOR
  • Lou Dufour and Joe Rogers knew what Life was all about: rows of dead babies in jars. Getting you to pay for their interpretation of the birth-life-death cycle made them MASTERS OF THE MIDWAY
  • You say you like men? Women? Both? Well, do we have a treat for you! Our cavalcade of cross-gender cuties provides A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE
  • He was one bald, badass, Bone daddy. He invited strangers from all over the globe to go onstage and choke him. Find out what makes him tick by spending a little time HANGING WITH HOWARD
  • They say it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Well, not in this case. While there is something sinister about this fire-breathing escape-prone maniac, Harley Newman maintains it’s all part of his PROFESSIONAL LUNACY
  • Is that a face painted on your tumor? You’re just a TWO-FACED FRAUD
  • For decades, kids riding through the Arizona desert have had tantrums demanding ma and pa stop so they can visit GRANDPA AND HIS THING
  • It’s the new sensation. The fabulous creation. Do THE STRAND
  • Aye, me buckos. Cast yer scurvy eye on this big fish tale starring a frozen sperm whale and the man who captained her to shopping mall parking lots across the country in THAR SHE FROZE!
  • Hey, stage mothers! Quite trying to get your little precious into all those musicals, Annie is a bore! Showcase your little freak-to-be in a do-it- yourself sideshow. Learn all the secrets of how to frame an AMATEUR NIGHT
  • You’ve come to the right place to get some learnin’. It’s just like going to the guidance counselor for a vocational aptitude test. Do you think you can cut the mustard in SIDESHOW SCHOOL
  • It wasn’t no damn three-hour tour. There was no love, neither exciting nor new. Trust me, swabbing the poop deck was the best job on the prison ship. Now join me on the Promenade Deck as we all cheer HERE COMES SUCCESS
  • That’s it. Show’s over. You can stand around and watch us sweep up, or you can spend your last few pennies and go into the BLOWOFF
  • Impulse spending is an American birthright. Celebrate the heritage of the New World on the INDEPENDENT MIDWAY
  • How could such a thing be? We answer all this and more by FRAMING THE SHOW
  • Widely-imitated and rarely credited, read the section so informative and compelling that countless websites have committed thought crimes by stealing our LINGO!

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