Volume 5

On the cover: Jim Rose

James Taylor’s Shocked and Amazed! On & Off the Midway, Vol. 5

Featuring Jim Rose
October 1998, 104 pages


You read that right! Now the only perioddical devoted exclusively to the subject of CIRCUS SIDESHOWS brings you the two most compelling topics in the history of humankind:


In volume 5 of James Taylor’s SHOCKED AND AMAZED! you will read about:

  • The grand master of the gross-out, Jim Rose isn’t happy unless limbs, lunches and libidos are lost during his stomach-churning, high-energy shows. Careful where you step as he invites you to STEP INTO MY PARLOUR!
  • P.T. Barnum is revered as the creator of the modern circus, lauded as the lord of the modern museum, and saluted as the sultan of advertising. Of course, that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the Big Apple, that CITY OF HUMBUG!
  • Pay attention my little modern primitives: There was a time when tattoos were taboo for everyone but sailors and bikers. Know then that today’s flesh artists owe their livelihood to practitioners of yesteryear, and meet one of the forefathers, Stoney St. Clair, because STONEY KNOWS!
  • Why do they call some traveling carnivals ragbags? Well, we might have part of the answer in HELP WANTED!
  • This kinda sugar sure is sweet and won’t lead to tooth decay. Four-out-of-five dentists surveyed believe that looking at Sylvia Cassidy won’t rot your teeth-it’ll just make you breathe heavy. C’mon, have a taste of our EYE CANDY!
  • We here in the colonies have always been known by the English to be eccentric, low-class and tacky and those limeys can’t get enough. Marvel now at one turn-of-the-century Brits’ observations on this uniquely American artform in THE STRAND!
  • Crowds across the country called Otis Jordan the Human Cigarette Factory and the Frog Boy-the truly fortunate were able to call him friend. Read Johnny Meah’s truly amazing recollections and catch a glimpse of the man behind the bally personality in THE FROG PRINCE!
  • Watch as wily Walt Hudson waves his magic wand and performs magic in the raw for necromancin’ nudists in NOTHING UP MY SLEEVE!
  • Sideshows are family-owned and operated. Any carny worth his salt always travels with his MUMMY DEAREST!
  • Rather than attempt some pathetic adolescent cry for help, pull some of these stunts and you are guaranteed a career in show business or some much-needed rest. FAKIR YOU!
  • Always one to get the last word in, our founder pontificates about all things boring and sleazy in the BLOW OFF!
  • Buy buy or bye-bye. It’s not a sideshow unless you leave some money behind on the INDEPENDENT MIDWAY!
  • How do we do it? Well, we certainly couldn’t manage a product this ambitious without a little help from our friends. Let them lap up some limelight in FRAMING THE SHOW!
  • Wanna talk in a cool new language your folks won’t understand? Try talking like a carny. We can help you learn how in LINGO!

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