Volume 3

James Taylor’s Shocked and Amazed! On & Off the Midway, Vol. 3

September 1996, Out of Print

Melvin Burkhart, “Human Blockhead”

James Taylor’s SHOCKED AND AMAZED – On & Off the Midway is here and ready for your approval. Meet the most marvelous cast of characters ever assembled for your amusement since Volume 2!

  • Included in Volume 3 is an up-close and personal conversation with Melvin Burkhart. Melvin has gained world-renown for inventing the act known as the Human Blockhead. “Ripley’s Strange Man” has also performed as the Anatomical Wonder and as an up-close magician. (His magic dice trick is so mystifying that leading magicians from all over the world have found it impossible to re-create this act!)
  • Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe. How else are you going to choose which sexy Siamese Hilton sister to date? In the final installment of their touching autobiography, “The Intimate Lives and Loves of the Hilton Sisters,” we see the Hiltons triumph over adversity and look for love in their oh-so public lives.
  • Looking for that special Christmas gift for that potential serial killer or S&M fanatic in your life? Well, they are going to find plenty to love in volume 3! Including a history of torture throughout the ages and an revealing examination of chastity belts. We always try to have a little something for everyone!
  • Apes fighting men in gladiator-style matches! Seem unlikely? Not to Mae Noell. She and husband Bob ran Noell’s Ark Gorilla Show in which stalwart yokels with an ax to grind against their simian brothers boxed or wrestled with 90lb chimps. Not to ruin the ending but, the humans NEVER won! During a private conversation with SHOCKED AND AMAZED! Mae waxes about the golden years of chimp wrestling and show business in general. This is an interview unlike any other. You simply will not believe your eyes!
  • Plus our own critically acclaimed Lingo section. In which you learn to talk the talk as well as walk the walk in our ever-growing dictionary of carnival slang. This baby’s crammed to the gills with original artwork and photographs you will never see anywhere else. Plus more, more, more than we could ever possibly conceive of mentioning here!

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