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Alex Doll


Alex Doll with S&A founder, James Taylor

Meet the deviously dainty carnival darling, Alexandra (Alex) Doll; Hailing from DC, this dynamic damsel serves as a textual maven behind the scenes at James Taylor’s “Shocked and Amazed, On and Off the Midway”. Journalist turned producer/ performer, she has brought sideshow to life at Artisphere in Arlington VA and has personally graced the stages of the Black Cat, the Red Palace, the Bier Baron, Big Hunt, and many more.

Miss Alex Doll has been writing about the sideshow scene since 2003, joining forces to support the mission of Shocked and Amazed, circa, 2009. After the Red Palace (formerly the Palace of Wonders) closed its doors in January of 2013, she reached out to venues across the DC area, searching for a new home for performance and the displaced museum of oddities. As a result of her search, Miss Doll struck up a relationship with Artisphere, curating and producing events on behalf of Shocked and Amazed, resulting in a straw house every night of the show series.

With plans to continue to utilize her influence to reinvigorate interest for the scene in the DC metro area, she operates as a freelance writer for various media outlets, spreading awareness about the struggles of the modern sideshow in the staggeringly apathetic “YouTube” generation. As her background includes a hodgepodge of surprisingly diverse experience in an even more surprising number of arenas, she is uniquely qualified to speak to an array of audiences, communicating through production, written articles and spoken word.

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D.B. Denholtz


D.B. Denholtz

D.B. Denholtz is an archivist and writer on the subject of sideshow, human oddities, novelty/variety entertainment, and outsider/visionary artists. He has been a contributor to Shocked & Amazed! since 2004 and a co-publisher since 2007, and is the co-founder of the online encyclopedia D.B. has also contributed images from his archive to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, various documentaries and books, as well as to ad campaigns for Diesel Jeans and Silicon Graphics. He has lectured at The Coney Island Museum, written for Raw Vision magazine, and is the author of a forth-coming illustrated compendium covering the business of exhibiting human and animal oddities from 1580-1980. A version for the Kindle is not planned. Also in the works is the first true account of Hubert’s Museum in NYC, the last true dime museum in America.

James Mundie


James Mundie

For nigh on twenty years, James Mundie has been creating artwork related to sideshow and medical oddities.  Mundie’s critically acclaimed drawings, prints, and photographs have been exhibited internationally and in the pages of many prominent publications, including Shocked and Amazed! Through his artwork, Mundie met many performers and showmen which led him to become an occasional presenter and promoter of live variety entertainment and an illustrator/editor for Shocked and Amazed! – for such is the siren call of showbiz.

Prodigies: James G. Mundie’s Congress of Oddities
Cabinet of Curiosities


Can’t get enough of that wonderful Huff.

Scott Huffines

Scott Huffines and James Taylor formed a freak alliance in 1992, when Huffines opened Atomic Books in  Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood. Their shared love of sideshow oddities resulted in Huffines’ Atomic Books and Taylor’s Dolphin-Moon Press co-publishing the first volumes of Shocked and Amazed! beginning in in 1995. In addition to Shocked and Amazed! Huffines also co-produces the award-winning public access program Atomic TV and archives oddball minutiae about “Charm City” on


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